The Carrión Crow

Kool-Aid Man

Republican Kool-Aid

One might accuse me, as a staunch Republican, of drinking the Kool-aid.

Maybe there is some truth to that, but I don’t watch Fox because I find them to be sensationalist. I don’t listen to Glen Beck because I feel like he’s a conspiracy theorist. I don’t think President Bush was an amazing President, especially towards the end, because he didn’t govern as a conservative (although he wasn’t the devil’s idiot little brother as many on the left would like people to believe). I think there are very stupid things said by some very loud voices in my party. And I don’t think Obama is a closet Muslim who wants to destroy the country (not that I would care if he were Muslim). I believe he is a US born citizen and deserves the respect due to him as the holder of the Presidency.

I am a Republican because I feel the policies of the left are destructive and divisive. I believe they appeal to the baser emotions and not to logic, and however well-intentioned they may be (and I honestly believe they are) they will wreck us. I am a Republican because no other party has been able to articulate a stance I can support. That may change one day. But despite it’s errors and flaws, it represents my vision of a better tomorrow.